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Join me, Nancy Harmon Jenkins, On the Kitchen Porch, where I like to put my feet up at least once a week but sometimes more frequently, for spirited conversations about shared interests—food, wine, people, places, gossip, politics, recipes, the state of the world, new ideas, you name it. It’s a lively and often funny interchange about all my favorite subjects, from the need to peel fava beans (not!!) to the price of lobster (outa sight!) to the flavors of extra-virgin olive oil to the ingredient Turkish cooks use to spark their sauces, to the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet. Plus, recipes for luscious cakes, sumptuous stews, savory salads, and many other good things.

Who Am I?

I’m a writer, journalist, story teller, cook, historian, and world traveler. I’ve spent much of my life around the Mediterranean but am now back home in Maine, with occasional forays to the Mediterranean world, especially to Tuscany where I oversee a centuries old tumble-down farm with 150-odd olive trees from which my children and I make our own extra-virgin . I write books and articles, mostly about food, mostly as a free-lancer for magazines, most of them now defunct or morphed into something internet-based—Food & Wine, Saveur, Bon Appetit, Eating Well, et al.

For a number of years I was a staff writer for the New York Times food section; I’ve also been publications director of the American Institute of Wine & Food, and a founding director of Oldways Preservation Trust, the food issues think tank. I’ve published eight or nine books about food and contributed to many others. Find my full bio on my website, https://nancyharmonjenkins.com.

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From Chef Paul Bertolli:

"As author, raconteur, and maker, Nancy's authentic voice transports me through seasons and time, to places and tables and people. Nancy's posts speak of her life-long passion for food, delicious to read and imagine. "

Paul Bertolli (Subscribed)

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Weekly banter from my kitchen porch: food, wine, people, places, Maine, the Mediterranean, the whole wide world.


Writer, traveler, cook, story teller, food historian, author of many books & articles for major publications, now back home in Maine after traveling the world, still following good food wherever it takes me.